Sarah’s 15 Steps to a Better Web Presences – #1-5

Posted: June 20, 2008 in conferences, library, MSUL2Summit, web 2.0
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#1 Advocate to Your Leadership
Why is the eBranch important?
Libraries are the digital centers of their computers.
A library without a substantial digital face positions itself for future lack of support.

#2 A (Wo)Man, A Plan, a . . . Library?
In developing technology plans, follow your hierarchy of needs.
Plan no more than 3 years out. Technology plans trying to forecast 5-10 years out are essentially futile efforts.

#3 How to Implement New Technology
EVERYTHING (short of an ILS) can be a pilot project.

#4 Talk with Your Customers
Instant messaging
MeeboMe widget
Trillian Astra Widget
Text Messaging
Voice over IP
Video Chat

Answer any and all questions – don’t be selective. Don’t just answer reference questions. If a patron connects and needs the librarian to check a patron account or renew a book, do it. Don’t tell them to call the library’s circulation desk or that the circ staff don’t use your chat service. Just do it.

#5 Offering Tools and Mash-Ups

People are mashing up your library’s content. Be aware.

Library ELF: Library account tracking and alerts via e-mail and RSS.

Library LookUp: click on this bookmarklet when on a webpage with an ISBN to look up an item in the catalog

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