Sarah’s 15 Steps to a Better Web Presences – #6-10

Posted: June 20, 2008 in conferences, library, MSUL2Summit, web 2.0
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#6 – Make Dynamic Lists
So long to the .DOC/.PDF books lists
Use blogs or wikis
Recommended movies, music, and books
Encourage full staff participation
Use an entry template, tags, categories
Welcome customer comments!

#7 Give Your Library a Face

Flickr and other photo sharing sites show what the library is really about.

Library’s interior and exterior (photo tour)

New services and resources

Flickr – Do more with your Photos Page

Flickr badges and slideshows

MOO: calling cards, sticker books, note cards

HP: posters, books, photo cubes

Qoop: calanders, keychains, back-up discs

Zazzle: shirts, bags, mousepads, mugs

#8 Provide Podcasting

People who can talk and/or sing

Digital microphone (free or low-cost)

Audacity (free)

a Blogger blog (free)

Everyzing ($): turns audio and video files into text

Odiogo (free): turns text into audio files, create a “listen” button for blogs

Ideas for podcasts – University of Sheffield has excellent tours

Cornell University Library – recorded events

#9 Provide Video Content


People who aren’t camera-shy

Digital video camera

Avidemux editing software (free)

A Blogger blog (free)

#10 Exploit the Blog as a Format

You don’t always have to call it a blog – not all users will know the term. Use terminology where appropriate.

Encourage comments.

Reuse content across blogs, social networks

Repeat important posts over time

WordPress and Blogger (Free, Easy, Feature-Rich)


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