Surf’s Up

Posted: June 20, 2008 in conferences, library, MSUL2Summit, web 2.0
Practice makes perfect, right? I created this blog in preparation for the Library 2.0 Summit at MSU. This meeting will focus on the use Web 2.0 technologies in libraries.

There is a common theme that recurs in many discussions about Web 2.0 technologies: Libraries have to get rid of the culture of perfect. The thought here is that people in libraries are perfectionists, and they feel that new services must be perfect before they can be rolled out for the public. While perfect services might be ideal, the lengthy iterative process sometimes means that services are irrelevant or outdated by the time they roll out.

Most of us are used to writing reports, meeting minutes, and the like. And most people probably write, edit, revise, revise again . . . Revision is great, but in the Web 2.0 environment, it actually becomes a part of the deployment process: content and services are revised after the service goes live. This goes directly to the heart of web services in that the product or service is never truly and finally finished. It just keeps changing (hopefully for the better) with new content, better services, and more features.

With that in mind, blogs can present something of a challenge to those with a perfectionist mentality. This is especially noticeable when blogging something like a conference meeting. You want to get the information out there, but you want it right, right?
Oh well . . . here we go. Out with the culture of perfect!

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