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Posted: June 30, 2008 in ala 2008, conferences, technology
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“Open Source, Open Services”

Darrel W. Gunter
Collexis Holdings, Inc.

“Collexis High Definition Search enables extraordinary knowledge retrieval and discovery quickly and accurately by utilizing fingerprinting technology. The Collexis Fingerprint empowers users to immediately identify and search for documents, experts, trends, and new discoveries more quickly, accurately – and deeply – than conventional search engines. For users the savings in research dollars are extraordinary. High Definition Search positions Collexis as a world leader in the vital areas of knowledge management and discovery software. ” Taken from http://www.collexis.com.

The Semantic Web and Its Developments

The Semantic Wave
Project 10x
Phase 1: The first wave of the web
Phase 2: The Social web – connecting people and ideas
Phase 3: The semantic web, the ability to extract knowledge
Phase 4: The Ubiquitous Web, Artificial Intelligence

Collexis Fingerprint Engine

Software creates fingerprints of documents. Analogy to using a highlighter to mark key phrases and concepts.

Technology can indicate plagiarism as well as pointing out papers that support your own.

Explore instead of searching.

Biomedexperts.com – pre-populated social network. Shows what scientists are working together, geographical locations, co-authors, etc.


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