A Trio of Cell Phones

Posted: August 16, 2008 in android, cell phone, iphone, treo
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I look at new cell phones from time to time as I ponder which one will be my next. I’ve been using a Treo 680 for awhile, but as I’ve noted before, the browser just isn’t holding to the current crop of web applications. For this reason (among others), I’m on the lookout.

Since I’m currently a Treo user, naturally I’m interested in what Palm’s next offering will be. A few photos recently “leaked” out on Palm’s website, and they made their way over to Engadget before Palm removed them. The so-called Treo Pro looks sorta – um . . . how should one say it? Meh. Yeah that’s the word. Sure it looks kind of sleek and shiny. But when compared with the iPhone 3G, that Palm screen looks mighty small and all those buttons make the device look cluttered and clunky. Funny – the Treos didn’t look quite so bad before the original iPhone came out. This device finally includes built-in WiFi, but I’m still waiting and watching. A number of people are watching for Palm’s long-rumored next-generation user interface. The device and its UI can definitely use a makeover, and some industry analysts are predicting that the new phone will be the make it or break device for Palm.

And then there’s the iPhone. Good and getting better. The app store is a great addition. It’s about time for users to be able to choose their own applications, dontcha think? But there is still no user replaceable battery. And the rumors about reception problems go on and on and on. In fact, there have been so many post about this problem on the support forum that Apple has already locked two threads. Some people are suggesting a hardware issue. Some people are suggesting software. So far Apple isn’t admitting a problem. No surprise there.

So what about Android? It sounds like it’s finally about to hit. The New York Times is reporting that T-Mobile will offer the first phone with Google’s eagerly anticipated Android software. The new phone by HTC may make it into the stores before year’s end. The Android software creates an entirely new realm for cell phone technology by offering a OPEN platform. Of course this OS is still a dark horse since we don’t have any real world tests yet, but it will be interesting to watch.

I guess I’m no closer to choosing a new phone, and the contenders just keep making it a tougher choice.

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