What a Great Meeting!

I know of few people who would say “What a great meeting” after a first-thing-Monday-morning meeting, but this one really was outstanding. We tried to work through a couple of things through e-mail and over the phone, but it was finally just time to get together face-to-face.

I met with a couple of people from Campus IT today. We’re still refining the database report that will produce the patron data I pre-load into our catalog. We’re working steadily towards removing a few little glitches (such as duplicate records), and it really feels like we’re in the home stretch.

But why the effusiveness over a Monday morning meeting? Several reasons!

1. We all went in with the common goal of solving a single problem.
2. We each learned a little bit more about how the other unit operates.
3. We each learned a little but more about the other unit’s data considerations.
4. We each came away understanding the needs and limitations of each unit.
5. We all participated as equals in the discussion.
6. We were all free to share ideas that contributed to the overall solution.
7. We talked through several scenarios to arrive at the best possible solution.
8. We considered “unique cases” to determine whether the report would erroneously include or exclude any patrons.
9. We evaluated the viable options.
10. We decided on a solution.

Sounds like a lot, but isn’t that really how all meetings should go? You go in to solve a specific problem, everyone contributes, everyone leaves with more knowledge, and the group arrives at a solution. Simple enough, so why is it usually so difficult? Never underestimate the power of a GOOD meeting!

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