Get on Board

So now Palm has jumped on the software store bandwagon. In an interesting move (interesting to me, at least), Palm has announced a new mobile software store. I find this interesting for a couple of reasons. First, Apple has already done it. Google has also already done it for Android. So why is Palm now getting in the game?

This strategy has worked well for Apple. Palm may be thinking this is the wave of the future for delivering software to users. Of course, that’s assuming that Palm actually has a future. However, given Palm’s dismal outlook, the creation of the mobile software store is certainly an act of optimism.

However, perhaps it’s more than an act of optimism. It could be an act of supreme confidence based on Palm’s expected reception of their new OS and hardware. January will tell.

Let the Buzz Begin

Well . . . maybe not a full-fledged buzz. More of a low mumble really. At the eleventh hour, Palm is trying to make a comeback.
Engadget has carried a number of posts about Palm’s upcoming appearance at the International Consumer Electronics Show in January.

For a company that did so much to get the handheld market rolling, it’s strange to see Palm stuck in this desperate come from behind attempt. Many industry analysts look at this as the make-or-break moment for Palm while others have already written them off in the too-little-too-late category.

Whatever they introduce next month, it’s bound to generate some press. Whether it’s the miracle gadget that Palm desperately hopes for or the company’s proverbial nail in the coffin, it looks like could be the defining moment for the company.

On a personal note, I’m plugging for them. I’ve used several Palm devices over the years. The interface is well-designed, and the ease of one-handed use still isn’t matched by the iPhone. I don’t know if Palm can really pull anything out of the trick bag this late in the game, but for the sake of innovation, I hope they do.