New Foldable Screen Goodness

Several years ago I was meeting with one of our hardware vendors, and I asked them what cool new things they had coming down the pike. They talked about some pretty boring things and then asked what I would like to see. I described to them a idea for foldable screens. They looked at me like I had just turned blue, and sprouted horns and tentacles.

Perhaps they just couldn’t get their minds around the idea. Poor them. Check it out here: Kyocera and Samsung!

Imagine the possibilities! Think about the last time you lugged that laptop to the conference. Maybe you really wanted something the size of a netbook, but you had to take the laptop because you really needed the larger screen. What if you could carry a nine-inch device with a screen that folded out to seventeen inches?!?!? What if you could roll a 4’ x 8’ OLED screen up and carry it with you in a tube? That would really change the face of “poster” sessions. Imagine being able to stick a thin OLED film to the wall for a special event and then peel it off when you’re finished. This technology could really change the face and form factor of smartphones, e-book readers, and many, many other technologies.

These screens are not yet of the size that I would like to see, but THEY FOLD! This is a great start, and I really look forward to seeing how OLED technology will develop.

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