DeeAnn Allison

University of Nebraska-Lincoln


The goal is an integrated search that brings together the UNL catalog with all of the unique digital collections being created.


Search the catalog along with other resources.

Empowered account holders can add their own tags.

Send searches to ResearchPro to find articles


Library has a number of multimedia collections in CONTENTdm – still images, audio, video, and data.

Over 67 collections with over 189,000 items in the collection.

The CONTENTdm data is shared by many departments across campus, it can be difficult for the library to know when and how often content is updated. There may also be issues wit data quality since the library doesn’t handle all data entry duties.

Also needed to pull in EAD and TEI data.


Worked with OAI-PMH2 tool from Virginia Tech.


The library is more interested in being a data provider than in being a search engine developer.


Brought together data from various collections through Encore.


What should we catalog vs. what should we harvest? Ideally, they would prefer to harvest. Collection has many legacy records that were cataloged. However, there are many harvested TEI records that have to be cleaned up. Harvesting is the goal, but they are still working through some data issues.

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