IUG 2009 – Millennium and XML – Repurposing and Customizing Catalog Metadata

Dao Rong Gong

Lucas Mak

Michigan State University


As a quick note to self, this looks like it could be very useful for a pending project I have in mind. Can’t wait to get my hands on the conference presentation handout.


Innovative uses its own type of XML data. This can be retrieved through HTTP queries.


The data arrangement is based on MARC fields, but MARC fields and their subfield are siblings.

Two types of XML records that can be retrieved from Millennium: Brief records and full records


The Millennium System and XML

Encore has built-in functionality that allows it to harvest OAI-compliant services.



Manipulation of XML documents by creating a new document based on


XSLT uses Xpath expressions to select/filter the data node


Sunday School books collection

Needed to batch load records into Content Pro. Original data source is based on MARC.


One option is to create a list of records as a review file. Records could then be converted to Qualified Dublin Core using MarcEdit.


Used an HTTP query to request the Innovative XML. Then turned that into Qualified Dublin Core with XSLT.


Issued with Converting Innovative XML Data


Data is structured differently from MARC21 XML

Availability of existing "Innovative XML to DC/QDC" XSLT?


Not optimized for data manipulation

Complications in data selection

Selection of data node by matching criteria against values in individual elements

A series of matching may be needed just to be able to select one node

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