IUG 2009 – Release 2009 Development Update

Betsy Graham

Innovative Interfaces


DISCLAIMER: This is not a comprehensive list. These are the things that caught my attention as Betsy moved through the session.


Release 2009a out is in testing now and will be out in early June.

Release 2009b is expected in fall 2009.


Preliminary Enhancements Lists for both releases are now up on CS Direct.


Architectural changes to full system to enhance stability and data protection.

Over 250 maintenance updates.

Some product features.


Q. from audience – will there be a new client download?

A. Yes.


You do not have to go to release 2009a. You can wait until 2009b in the fall.


Notes for Release 2009a  – Product Features


Program registration

No conflict room booking

E-mail reminders

New calendar look


Program images


Research Pro

Integrated sign-on with WebPAC Pro and Encore

2.0 Connectors


Express Lane 2009a Product Features

Patron message display

Alternate ID

Zip code suppression

Fast renew

User interface upgrade


Millennium circulation

Can now show the last four patrons instead of just the last one.


AirPAC for iPhone

Looks very good. iPhone native look.


My Account Web Services API

Position library account in a portal

Checked out items




Read-only access to patron data


API will require library-side programming.


Notes for Release 2009b



Add monographic claims to print templates

15 character fund codes



Allow removing a record from a review file without having to leave Global Update



Add circulation notices to print templates

Allowed checked out materials to be added to course reserve lists

Batch extensions of due dates for missed bookmobile stops

Check for conflicts when using repeated bookings

Check-in an item without triggering a local hold (derived from "check in damaged" request)

Circa can do shelflist comparison.

Working on adding a component for RFID and non-RFID sites.

Process PC Transactions is moving into Millennium.


Electronic Resource Management

Link license reocrd to multiple resource records

Cost per use for manually imported counter-compliant data



Patron records can have mandatory fields

Patron records can use validity checking (can’t save e-mail address without @ symbol, can’t save telephone number unless it is 10 digits long, etc.)


Logins can be copied (big applause from audience)

Numbers can be used in "initials"

There will be a manager controlled option to reorder/modes on left-hand navigation



Additional templates for card creation to cover irregular but frequently used patterns.


WebPAC Pro

PayPal is supported as an e-commerce option.

Working on a better workflow in My Lists function.

Every webPAC page will have a printer-friendly link.

Sort reading history

Display loan period for course reserves


WebPAC Pro Feed Builder

Users can subscribe to a feed based on a search query

It will be possibly to manually start a feed.

If a feed includes a link to an external source, the proxy will be able to rewrite it.


New Products for 2009b

SMS alerts for US users

Volume holds

Content Pro

Encore Reporter


Q. from audience. Will Encore Reporter require another server?

A. Yes. It will. Encore uses a different set of technologies. Tried to design the service so that the main OPAC server wouldn’t take a performance hit.

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