Data Failure First-hand

A lot has been made recently of AT&T’s seeming inability to support their millions of iPhone users and the associated data needs. Lately it seems that a new story pops up every day highlighting some flaw in AT&T’s network and/or ability to handle data demands.

Many of the stories are anecdotal, so here’s one more personal anecdote to add to the growing evidence.

Note the irony of the photo above: with good signal strength and a 3G connection, I still received the infamous “No Internet Connection” message. This happened repeatedly on a recent central Florida trip. In areas of strong coverage, AT&T’s network was simply unable to move data. This occurred in an area that plays host to thousands of guests, and unfortunately this seemed to be the norm rather than the exception. You’d think that a well-known tourist destination would be a logical place to beef up the network, but apparently it isn’t. No wonder so many people are waiting for Verizon to start carrying the iPhone!

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