The Future of Library Education – and again, and again, and again

Over on her blog, Meredith Farkas has a post and a brief survey about the future of LIS education. This one is only four questions and doesn’t take long to complete. Dontcha just love SHORT surveys? It seems to be one of life’s little ironies that the shorter surveys sometimes seem to draw out the most thoughtful and meaningful responses. With a long survey you sometimes just click click click wondering when you’re ever going to get to the end. With Meredith’s though, everything is there on one page – nice and concise. But I digress . . .

Most people will agree that the nature of the profession has changed drastically over the past 30 years. Rapidly changing technologies have introduced an amazing amount of innovative programs and services – some that were just a flash in the pan and others with decided staying power.

Meredith’s survey is very open-ended. It isn’t tied to a specific technology trend, but it leaves the door open for people to discuss technology where they find it appropriate. In fact it’s so open-ended that it makes me wonder how people would have answered the questions 5, 10, or 15 years ago. I’d kind of like to see this one go on for awhile. Given the pace of technological change, I think it would be interesting to compare a decade’s worth of responses to this one. That way we could hear from actual practitioners how the profession is changing on a yearly basis and how the profession is staying the same. I think we would find some surprises in both areas!